This is how they described Josep, at the 2018 Gastronomic Awards – Menorca:

«You can say that Josep Caules, as his father did at the time, and also his brother Francesc, have been raised behind the counter of Cafè Balear. As a child, probably without knowing it, cloth in his hand played to help behind the bar of the old Café Balear to dry glasses, and he was watching attentively this special world, of clients who were friends, of the capacity of work of his father and his mother, and how there the attention with customers and that the product was of the highest quality, what his father cared for the most.

But this destiny seemed to be not his, and he decides to go to study the Sociology degree in Barcelona where he graduated in 2012. Although he never loses contact with the restaurant, where he works summers.

But finally, Josep returns to his own and in 2013 he returns to Cafè Balear and a year later he starts with his brother Francesc, within the family group, Pins46 restaurant where he will work until 2015, the year in which the major reforms of the Cafè Balear, where he is as headwaiter and director since 2015.

Learning, training in wines, being always – as their parents have done – in the front row, both serving, cleaning tables, welcoming customers…. everything that is and carries a renowned family business

The spirit of work, of overcoming and surrender, is possibly the one that stands out most in this saga of Cafè Balear, of which Josep is already the third generation »

And he is very happy to receive this award, which rewards his effort, dedication and esteem for his work!