Cafè Balear

The daily catches of our boat and its team of experienced professionals, allow our dishes to be of the highest quality, thanks to the freshness of their ingredients.

With freshly caught products, such as monkfish, lobster or crayfish, our cooks prepare delicious dishes. Such as lobster stew with rice, monkfish and Ciutadella prawns stew with rice, the typical lobster “caldereta” and the new lobster with fried eggs and chips.

Thanks to other small boats that bring us their daily captures and in order to adapt ourselves a bit to the wishes of our clients. We can also provide various types of fish prepared in different ways, such as the mixed fried rock fish and lobster prepared according to your taste.

Neither must be forget the classic seafood tapas, such as Ciutadella prawns, rock mussels, clams, fresh cockles and clams sautéed with garlic, among others.