Our Group

The onset of the Cafè Balear Group goes back in the 70s, with the opening of the first restaurant in the port of Ciutadella, Cafè Balear, handed down from the parents of the current owner. It was a tavern of fishermen, where you could feel the marine character of the atmosphere thanks to its tapas, based on fish and shellfish, supplied by fishermen at the time and they were painstakingly cooked by Juanita. Ever since it’s been open it has never lost its marine essence, we have changed some items on the menu, but always keeping the same philosophy: “from the sea to table”.

In February 1992, in order to diversify our offer, Pizzeria Roma was opened. This is a restaurant for the whole family with a friendly atmosphere and a cuisine based on pizzas, pastas and Menorcan meats. Although it also offers a hallmark of the house; a wide variety of fresh fish. The curiosity of this place is its location, in one of the narrow streets of Ciutadella where you can eat peacefully.

PINS46 was born in 2014 in order increase and expand our gastronomic offer, restoring one of Ciutadella’s landmarks; a historic building located in Plaça des Pins Number 46, hence its name. This attractive premise has a large patio, typical of the old houses in Ciutadella. Here, in an attractive natural sorrowing you can enjoy a cuisine based on tapas, thereby reliving the Spanish aperitif, so typical of our beginnings.